Elsa & Foster

Why Elsa & Foster?

Not to make things too confusing, but we currently have our music under two other names. Our first album, ‘Only One Thing is Needed,” was recorded in 2013 and we self-titled this album with our first names, “Adam and Jalene.” This past year Jalene released a solo 3-track EP under her own name, ‘Jalene Elsa.”
As we have dialogued about the “why” of our music and ministry, we have began to lean more and more to going by our middle names, ‘Elsa & Foster.’ We still wanted our name to be personal, but also rich with meaning behind what we do, and a reminder to spur us on and to continually cast vision as we move ahead. As we did a bit more research, we found that the name ‘Elsa’ (from Elizabeth) means ‘promise of God’ and the name ‘Foster’ means ‘wilderness.’ It was exciting to us as we realized that these two meanings really summed up the “why” of our music and ministry: to express and declare the assurance and hope (promise) that we have in the person of Christ in the midst of this pilgrimage that each one of us is on in this life. (wilderness).

It has taken time, prayer, and an abundance of Grace as we have ventured to hold onto the assurance and sufficiency of Christ in the midst of the dark valleys that we have found ourselves in over this past season- that bring us to this point of assurance – not just with a decision for the name ‘Elsa & Foster’, but to the ministry that we have been called to be faithful with. It is a privilege to be able to combine words and melodies that invite you to know the sufficiency of our Saviour in a deeper way, and also an honour to have walked through seasons of wilderness ourselves that we might be able to offer hope and point to the true Light who shows the way when all seems dark.

-Elsa & Foster-

P.S. – Fun Tidbit! There is a song on Jalene’s solo EP called ‘Be Still.’ Originally this song was called ‘Let Go.’ However, after some discussion with her producer, she realized that having her name on the EP as, ‘Jalene Elsa’ with a song called ‘Let Go,’ was just asking for trouble! Thus the song title was changed.

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