What if we weren’t afraid to be broken?
What if we stopped hiding, stopped pretending, stopped averting our gaze from the brokenness all around us… the brokenness within us?

These questions whisper in the depths of my own broken heart and I wonder if this is even possible…

… To tear down the white washed walls that I have built up around my broken heart, that shield my eyes and deaden cries that testify of my being worn, and torn… apart.

I place the guitar in my lap and scribble these words on a blank page… and the rawness of them feels like a bright light in the eyes of my soul that has grown accustomed to hiding in the dark.

We war against the imperfections, the disappointments, the losses… all the chards of brokenness that mar these hearts in which eternity was set… and yet we forget that our King is both Lion & Lamb… that His risen hands still bear the scars that offer life and life abundantly… and we turn our eyes from following steadfastly in the footsteps of the Servant and Master that we follow… as if to say that because He is Risen, we no longer have to die.

Yet His voice beckons us to follow… through the narrow gate… the road that is narrow and difficult, the Way that calls us to lay down our lives again and again, that we might be raised again with Him. We cannot rise if we do not die. And death no longer has the final say.

I have lived white knuckled holding on to my life; fearing the brokenness of my own wayward mind, body, and soul and trying desperately to grasp for some bit of control.

But if we cling to our lives… we. will. lose. them.
Yet, if we let go of our lives for the sake of Christ… we will find them. We will find Him.
and those nail scarred hands are big enough for all of our brokenness put together and able to form a cistern that is filled with living water.

And those cracks within our hearts?
… maybe their jagged edges will allow water to trickle down like rain on those who are thirsting for the life to the full that was promised and draw them to the One who is whispering to their own broken hearts to come and cast themselves fully upon Him.

— Jalene Elsa

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  1. Thanks for sharing this – indeed, we live in a broken world and have been broken ourselves. Our brokenness open the way for wholeness. Even the Saviour came to heal and save us. ‘A doctor does not come for the healed but for the sick’ -he came to heal our sick souls

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