A Long Overdue Update

Hello dear friends! It has felt like way too long. We wanted to write a quick update for all of you who may have been wondering why ‘Elsa & Foster’ has been a bit quiet over the past months.  There have been a lot of changes going on in the last 7 months in our world.

April brought the beginning of a new season for us as we began our transition from Three Hills back to Edmonton, AB. After a wild ride and nearly a decade away it has been good to have our feet back on “home soil.”

Jalene started a job with Hope Mission working with women re-building their lives again after completing a year long addiction recovery program. She had the privilege of working alongside 10-14 women; helping to provide a safe community, one-on-one coaching, and spiritual mentorship. Jalene left Adam in Three Hills to finish up school and to join her in Edmonton in the following months.

At the end of April, Adam graduated from Prairie College with his BA in Pastoral Ministry (& as the recipient of the ‘Delta Epsilon Chi’ award – recognizing him for Intellectual achievement, Christian character, and Leadership Ability… yes, this is Jalene writing, and I can’t help but brag on him a little bit. I am so proud!)

Adam’s Grad 🙂
The beautiful Prairies that we had to leave behind
BlueBird Cafe!! (Yes, I think we had the best seats in the house!)
Grand Ole Opry


After graduation Adam was able to get out and swing a hammer again while helping a friend build his house before starting his new job in Edmonton at Terwillegar Community Church. Adam is now an Associate Pastor there, working with small groups, mens ministry, music & worship, and alongside a great staff team that continually invites our community to meet with Jesus in an ever deepening way.

Thanks to our awesome parents, we were able to crash with both sides of our family during our transition and bought our first home in September! Things were going well, but very busy as we settled into our new “normal.”

Soon after our move, a random job offer came up for Jalene that has helped to shape our heart & path for ‘Elsa & Foster’ and the ministry that we feel God is leading us into. Although Jalene loved her job working at Hope Mission – she also knew that giving 100% there meant not having the emotional energy or time to invest into ‘Elsa & Foster’ in the way that we hoped. After a lot of prayer & consideration, we decided that Jalene would step back from Hope Mission & pursue part-time work as a Psychologist Assistant (getting to administer Psychological Assessments and work with a variety of clients), while being able to pour into & better manage ‘Elsa & Foster’ part-time as well.

Shortly after making this decision, we were able to head South & visit Atlanta, GA & Nashville, TN – partaking in a leadership conference , enjoying the music scene in Nashville (Grand Ole Opry & the Bluebird Cafe were two of our favourites!), and being able to sit down with fellow worship leaders & singer-songwriters to share our hearts and journeys of pursuing music and God’s heart. The time spent there really helped us to press into the desire that we have to not only share our music & stories, but also to inspire & equip others towards the heart of Jesus.

As we look ahead with ‘Elsa & Foster’ and the ministry that we hope to continue in with music, speaking, and writing – we would ask for your prayer and invite you to partner with us.
In the weeks & months to come, we are excited about having more intentional time set aside to invite you deeper into relationship with Jesus and to continue to write and share music with you. As you learn more of our heart, maybe there is a congruency with your own & you might be interested in having us come to minister alongside you at an upcoming event at your church, a retreat, or in your home? We would love to hear from you! (or please feel free to send a quick note, an update about what is new in your life, or just letting us know how we can pray for you! It would be a pleasure)

All our love,

Jalene Elsa & Adam Foster

PS – we also became an AUNTY & UNCLE this past September and decided that our sweet niece is too cute not to share. Here is miss Ava Rose!

avarose desktop


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