Let us Linger

I’m not sure if it is the thrill of a new season beginning or my obsessive cleaning streak that kicks into gear, but after Christmas I am always eager to take down decorations, get our living space back to the norm, and declutter our house in preparation for the new year.

Trees get taken down. Ornaments put away. Lights stop shimmering in the night, and we go back to the regular day in and out of our lives.
And sometimes?
… we bid farewell to the babe in the manger the same way that we bid farewell to Christmas decorations as we put them back into storage.

Like the wise men who brought gifts and recognized the Christ child for who He was, we also seek Him and bow before Him in the manger. We can offer our gifts of song, charity, and celebration. But as our Christmas celebrations end and we jump into the new year, how easy for us to then go on our way?

I wonder if the wise men knew that the birth of “Immanuel” was only the beginning. I wonder if they knew that the little boy that they knelt before and presented with gifts was sent to be a gift for them.
I wonder if the wise men knew the wisdom in dwelling with and among the One who came and dwelled among them. Or if they just paid their respects and went on their way too.


We make room for Christ in our hearts at Christmas, but do we invite Him to dwell in the everyday moments once we put our trees away?
As we welcome in the new year and make resolutions, the anthem of “O Come Let us Adore Him” that we sang to posture our hearts to celebrate Jesus birth can so easily become “O Come Let us do For Him”[or without Him].

And maybe rather than resolving to be better or do more, we could resolve instead to linger in the posture of Christmas as we head into this new year. We could linger in recognition of who God is and learn to dwell with Him in the everyday, just as He came and dwelled among us.

… And in posturing our hearts this way? We might find that this new year Christ does a new thing in us too.


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