An invitation to Hope

{… even when hoping can feel kind of hard} My heart began to skip a wild beat in my chest and these gleaming eyes of mine almost bulged out my head. A smile had made its way incognito to my lips just before near incomprehensible words fumbled out my mouth and were quickly caught upContinue reading “An invitation to Hope”

The unexpected gift of a 2020 Christmas

My sweet girls blue eyes flicker open as she lays quiet and content in my arms; belly full, and warm against my chest. Her gaze is fixed towards the soft glow of Christmas lights upon our tree, shining like glittering stars in the dark. She watches intently and sighs deep. I hold her tight andContinue reading “The unexpected gift of a 2020 Christmas”

What Makes a Mother?

My social media feeds have been full of photos of babies, tributes to moms, and beautiful words of thankfulness for the journey of motherhood over the past 24 hours. It has been both a gift to see, and a reminder of recent years where I had to stay off social media around Mothers Day dayContinue reading “What Makes a Mother?”

Choosing to Dance Even if you Have Two Left Feet {our journey to knowing Jesus}

The fireplace glowed warmly and the melodies of Amos Lee guided my steps as I danced around my living room with my sweet girl in arms. Her gaze went back and forth between the flames that swayed with the music, and my lips as she listened to me hum along. If i could have pausedContinue reading “Choosing to Dance Even if you Have Two Left Feet {our journey to knowing Jesus}”

I Wanted a Formula – Not Jesus. [The first step in intentionally coming to know Jesus instead of just knowing about Him]

 I sat on the couch in my counsellors office this week, sock feet curled under me, and journal resting on my lap. After years of cycling through thought patterns and behaviours related to anxiety counselling has been a sweet (though difficult) balm to my soul. As our session neared an end we turned to theContinue reading “I Wanted a Formula – Not Jesus. [The first step in intentionally coming to know Jesus instead of just knowing about Him]”

A New Kind of New Years Resolution

I’ve always enjoyed all of the fresh feelings that accompany the calendar rolling over. New Years has often provided for me feelings of newness and freedom that seem exclusive to early January. It is around this time that many of us also start thinking of New Years Resolutions. As I’ve thought about this most recentContinue reading “A New Kind of New Years Resolution”

Let us Linger

I’m not sure if it is the thrill of a new season beginning or my obsessive cleaning streak that kicks into gear, but after Christmas I am always eager to take down decorations, get our living space back to the norm, and declutter our house in preparation for the new year. Trees get taken down.Continue reading “Let us Linger”

We would love to Come to YOUR HOUSE!

Life is busy. Noisy. A bit chaotic. We know. We feel it too. Sometimes it can feel like a struggle to just find a spare moment to sit and breathe a little bit. And after awhile ? We can start feeling disoriented; disconnected from ourselves, others, and God too. One of our greatest passions isContinue reading “We would love to Come to YOUR HOUSE!”

Let’s Kick Down Some Doors (Part 2)

{Missed Part 1? Check it out here!} Last Fall I made the decision to stop working full time with the main purpose of setting aside more time to invest in  music, writing, and to work on a book idea that has been mulling around in my mind and heart for the last few years. ItContinue reading “Let’s Kick Down Some Doors (Part 2)”

Lets Kick Down Some Doors (Part 1)

I was 18 years old sitting in a recording studio in Winnipeg with my blue guitar in tow and chords and lyrics scribbled on pages in my lap. It was almost my turn.  My palms felt sweaty and I breathed deeply as I got ready to play a couple original songs for the team atContinue reading “Lets Kick Down Some Doors (Part 1)”

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