Who are you Following?

Jalene and I recently moved back to the city after having lived in the much smaller town of Three Hills. There are many differences between city and town, and perhaps my least favourite of them is the traffic. In the past several months I have found myself sitting in a line up of vehicles staringContinue reading “Who are you Following?”

Making Room {The invitation of Lent}

I have always been drawn to the church’s observance of Lent; the 40 days prior to Easter that is usually set aside for prayer and fasting in preparation to Celebrate the hope and resurrection life that we have in Jesus. I can remember in my teens when I was not a follower of Jesus atContinue reading “Making Room {The invitation of Lent}”

Our Duo is Becoming a Trio

Many of you know our story. We have been married for 9 years but have no children, which has not been by choice. When we got married at 19 we never would have imagined infertility being apart of our journey; that doctors would tell us that we had less than a 1% chance of everContinue reading “Our Duo is Becoming a Trio”

A Long Overdue Update

Hello dear friends! It has felt like way too long. We wanted to write a quick update for all of you who may have been wondering why ‘Elsa & Foster’ has been a bit quiet over the past months.  There have been a lot of changes going on in the last 7 months in ourContinue reading “A Long Overdue Update”

The one thing we are all looking for

She throws wide the door in our office, with bags on her shoulders and a big arrangement of flowers all wrapped in plastic to keep them safe from the bitter cold outside. … This woman with the beautiful smile and courageous spirit that I’ve had the privilege of working alongside for only mere weeks –Continue reading “The one thing we are all looking for”


What if we weren’t afraid to be broken? What if we stopped hiding, stopped pretending, stopped averting our gaze from the brokenness all around us… the brokenness within us? These questions whisper in the depths of my own broken heart and I wonder if this is even possible… … To tear down the white washedContinue reading “Broken”

Psalm 23 – a Feast in the Valley

It has been ‘full’ in our household these past weeks. With many house guests coming and going, Adam hitting the books again as he finishes off his degree in Pastoral Ministry at Prairie College, and myself starting new programming for families in the surrounding communities with my job as a family coach – things have beenContinue reading “Psalm 23 – a Feast in the Valley”

Elsa & Foster – a New Year

Three Hills was quiet this new years eve, and knowing our tendency not to make it until midnight to welcome in the coming year, we decided to follow suit and have a quiet night in. … While we would be quick to admit that we aren’t necessarily the life of the party, we would scoffContinue reading “Elsa & Foster – a New Year”

Be Still: A Reflection on Psalm 46

Recently I was reading Psalm 46, carefully and slowly. It has come to be a familiar Psalm, not nearly as famous as Psalm 13 or Psalm 23. Yet one of its verses has obtained stardom and been placed on many living room walls, Facebook posts, and in our Christian songs. “Be still and know thatContinue reading “Be Still: A Reflection on Psalm 46”

Autumn {Spring is Coming}

I sit in the light of the morning autumn sun, mesmerized by the steam of my coffee dancing like the leaves out my window. Fall captures my senses like no other season; leaves turn vibrant colours, the cool air feels crisp on my skin and fresh in my lungs, and all gets quiet in preparation for winter.Continue reading “Autumn {Spring is Coming}”

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