Meet Jalene Elsa & Adam Foster

This is for those of you that want to pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and get to know us better. How we would love to sit down and get to know you too!

Hello! My name is Jalene Elsa. I managed to snag the heart of the guy below when we were 15 years old and we began the adventure of marriage at 19 years young. Now over a decade later, we have also been given the privilege of raising our sweet little girls, Elisabeth Grace & Hallie Isabell. It has been such a joy!

I am a lover of words and melodies. When I have a guitar or a pen in my hand the world gets quiet and I can see everything a bit more clearly.

I’m on a journey. One not so dissimilar to the ancient Israelites journey through wilderness places. Though I have walked in circles more times than I would like to mention, and have wandered my fair share through the barrenness of unbelief, I am also learning to trust the love and leading of Jesus along the way. This has looked a lot like leaning into places of brokenness, learning to live with hands wide open instead of white knuckled tight, and intentionally reorienting my heart around the words that Jesus spoke. The destination of this wilderness tour is less a place to get to and more about how we travel, the formation of our hearts, and the company we keep along the way. My deepest passion is to come alongside and remind you of the invitation that God is ever extending to you; to walk with Him and receive life to the full that comes with knowing Him, living fully knowing your identity as the beloved, and living heart wide open to be love to the world around you.

My days are mostly spent with my two favourite little people, doing dishes (does anyone else feel like they are ALWAYS doing dishes?!), learning to love and serve those around us, and working very part time in the psychology field. When I get a quiet moment, you will often find me writing, working on music, or prepping to speak or do music in a retreat setting.

I delight in early mornings, coffee, puns, magazines, a good book, long walks with Adam, mountain air, surprises, and knee to knee conversations.

Hey! I’m Adam Foster; Husband, Father, Pastor, & Carpenter.  Jalene and I have always loved engaging God and people through music, whether leading worship or sharing our own songs in a concert setting. Sometimes music has a way of hitting the heart in a way that simply speaking just can’t. We love the way that music can tear down the walls that we put up, teach us, and draw people together. 

Version 2

I am currently pastoring at Terwillegar Community Church in Edmonton AB.
I love talking theology, teaching, and communicating to people the love of God and their place in His ever unfolding story. I desire to equip others to discover the ways that God’s unfolding story intersects with their passions and to invite them to deepen their love for Christ and His church though music, preaching, and training.

When I’m not pastoring or working on music,  you can find me at home hanging out with my wife and daughters, studying, or putting my carpentry skills to use working on some kind of project.

I take great pleasure in coffee, wool socks, reading, running, playing basketball, and enjoying rainy days.

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