Lyrics: Only One Thing Is Needed

Do You Have the Answers? 

Do You have the answers? Do You hear my cry?
When the world around me shatters will you be standing by my side?
My heart is ever searching For Your pure and perfect peace
But when my hope is failing Lord help my unbelief

I’ve heard You’re more faithful than the morning
That Your words can calm the seas
That Your love, too vast to measure will not be taken from me
I’ve heard that You are listening
To every prayer and every cry
Lord I need to know You’re at work in my life
Lord I need to know everything will be alright alright

Verse 2:
Are You my sustainer? Is my life in Your hands?
When there seems to be no answers can I trust You with Your plan?
In my heart is a desire, to give You all of me
When life seems so uncertain, Will You calm the fears in me?

Time will always prove that You are faithful You are true
and the answers to my questions will come as I am faithful too


Only One Thing Is Needed

Verse 1:
Sitting here going nowhere fast, I hit a wall I just couldn’t get past
Every step forward has seemed to mean two more steps back
Been trying to live in my own strength, Desiring your paths but not seeking your face
Running in circles, refusing to yield to your Grace

Only one thing is needed, that is to sit at your feet

Now I will trust in your unfailing love
Sure of what I hope for and certain of what I can’t see
Oh and nothing, can take that from me

Verse 2:
Letting go of a thousand lies, that distracted my heart and cause me to strive
Invite me again to rest in your Truth and abide
Let my life be an offering, bringing honor and glory to you my king
That begins at your feet, where you give me new songs to sing


Here I Am

Verse 1:
I cannot see one step in front of me
cause’ You are faithful, There’s no reason to doubt You
Here is my fearful heart ,Lead me

You are holy, You are beauty and You have captured my heart
You are worthy, You have saved me, Your grace has set me apart
Here I am, here I am oh God

Verse 2:
As the road back gets further behind me
familiar doubts and fears allure me to stray
I will remember what is cost to redeem me
Your sacrifice becomes, my praise

Where Else Would We Turn to

Verse 1:
Your love is breathing new life into me
Death’s power is defeated in Your victory
When on a cross You bore the weight of our sin and shame
Then as was promised You rose to life again

You are the King of heaven our sovereign Lord
The sweetest treasure You’re our greatest reward
Your beauty Jesus cannot be compared
Our strength our portion our richest of fare
When abundant life is found in You,
Where else would we turn to?

Verse 2:
Your words are speaking new life into me
I was once captive but You declared my liberty
You turn depression into songs of praise
All that was lost You’re redeeming it by your grace

You are the truth and the life and the way
I choose to follow You all of my days
(repeat 4x)

It’s In Repentance

Verse 1:
I’ve grown weary I am tired I’ve been running from home, and now i’m lost
I’ve retreated I’ve burned bridges I’ve been running from You, ignored the cost

I’ve been in the fire I’ve been in the wind
I was on that mountain where my faith grew thin
But You were not there so where can I find You
You said in the stillness in the stillness

It’s in repentance its when I return
It’s in the quiet when I get what I don’t deserve
Its my salvation its my strength
It’s where I’ll find you Jesus, It’s where my souls made new

Verse 2:
In these battles i’ve all but won i’ve been fighting too long and can’t go on
I’m defeated my strengths depleted I cry out Jesus be my victory song

When I turn to You, Your grace it greets me (Turn to You)
When I rest in You peace is overtaking (Rest in You)
Trade my burdens for You for Your yoke Your yoke that’s easy (trade it all)

We Long For More of You

Verse 1:
We come Your daughters and sons to feel the depths of Your love
can we go with You deeper deeper Lord
Jesus our eyes are on You in You alone we find truth
Your truth is setting our hearts free You are setting us free

We long we long to know You more
We long we long to know Your heart
We long we long to sing Your praise
We have come come to meet You here
We long for more of You

Verse 2:
We set our lives at Your feet no greater joy we receive
Than to dwell in Your presence Your presence Lord
In Your presence we’re changed by Your goodness and grace
The more that we come to know You how can we be the same

We want more than the world can give
We want more than the world can give
We want more than the world can give
we want to know You we want to know Your heart

Your Grace Is Sufficient

Verse 1:
Here on bended knees
Weary and worn, burdened and weak
And choose to trust in your unfailing love

You are good God Your grace abounds
It pursues me till I am found
mercy welcomes me as pride and stri – ving cease
Your grace is sufficient for me

Verse 2:
I will boast in You
In Your goodness and in Your truth
Holding fast to Your promises
And In my weakness I’ll have confidence

In the joy, and in the pain, in mourning cries and singing praise
When laughter breaks and tears they flow… Oh I know, I know

Your grace is sufficient for me, Your grace is sufficient for me Jesus.
Your strength is made perfect when I am weak
Your grace is sufficient for me

You Alone Satisfy Our Souls

Verse 1:
Your love is a mystery, so high so wide so deep
Oh Lord, Your love it fills our every need
In Your presence we are home, You give rest to our weary Souls
Oh Lord in Your presence we’re made whole

You alone satisfy our souls Your love alone makes us whole
We take all our delight (all our delight) in You

Verse 2:
Your words are like poetry, speaks hope and joy and peace
Oh Lord Your word is true it sets us free
Your grace is like the sweetest song, it’s melody draws us to Your arms
Oh Lord Your grace it keeps us moving on

Everything we once held dear we count it as loss
compared to knowing You Jesus, knowing You Jesus

You Set Us Free

Verse 1:
Look at the stars we haven’t seen them in a while
Remember the one that we thought shone just for us
When did we forget how to trust?
He doesn’t store away and yet he has all that he needs
When did we let go of your dreams?

God give us faith, help us turn our eyes back to your face
Teach us to trust in the love that you pour out on us
As We turn to You, You set us free

Verse 2:
Look at the waves blown and tossed in the sea
Such is the heart that will ask, then doubt he’ll receive
Steady our hearts, unbelief

We’ll fly higher and higher as we let our striving cease
You release us in Freedom as we open our hands, and receive

Man of Prayer

Verse 1:
I haven’t lived too long only fought a few fights
But the life that I treasure comes with a great price
to lay down all I have and to risk every dream
for a glory much greater a purpose redeemed

To be the man I’m called to be seems just beyond reach
On my own it’s like a weight I can’t bear
What you’ll learn about me as days turn to years
Is I long to be a man of prayer

Verse 2:
I’m always falling from the greatest of heights
Choosing self over Jesus, choosing death over life
Feeling so hopeless, will I know victory?
Or continue defeated, aching to live free

Grace upon grace abounds to a sinful man like me
Grace upon grace abounds and it’s setting me free

Verse 3:
I pray to stand strong for the women I love
To follow God’s leading to surrender my all
To walk pure and blameless in fear of my King
To serve and give wholly of all He’s given me

When I look at my life my kids and my wife
Will they say “he’s been a man of prayer”?

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