Lyrics: Still


Verse 1:
Sweet restless soul let striving cease
Let me sing over you a song of peace
Close your eyes lay down your head
Still your thoughts, let your heart rest
Your soul will be restored

Verse 2:
There is a place to simply be,
Where the flowers grow wild and fields grow free
A quiet stream to drink, you won’t long for anything
Your soul will be restored

Verse 3:
Oh see that man with rod and staff
He owns these fields and makes my heart laugh
He’ll guide you down the path ahead
He’s gone before there’s no need to fret
Your soul will be restored

Though trouble will meet you along the way
And suffering will greet you face to face
Do not be afraid
When the valley seems so dark and bare,
Find a table set with the riches of fare
He will be your peace, Together you will feast

Verse 4:
Sweet restless soul let striving cease
Let your heart overflow with songs of peace
The Shepherd has called you His own
His love and kindness will lead you home
Your Soul will be restored

We Are A Kite

Verse 1:
You have always loved the ground
Firm, sturdy and unmoved
I have always loved the sky
Oh to float upon the breeze

When the wind blows will you hold on tight
Steady me as I take you higher
We can dance on the moonlit night
Soar into dawn with the birds in flight
… We are a kite

Verse 2:
You hold fast this flitting frame
Lend your strength to keep me safe
I lure you to highest heights
glimpse the earth from heavens eyes

You and I were meant to be together
You and I no matter what the weather
We will wait out rain and thunder holding one another
Till the sun comes out

Be Still

Verse 1:
When the world around me’s shaking and my heart gives way to fear
When hatred keeps increasing and these eyes are filled with tears
In chaos and confusion In sorrowing and pain
When I cant understand Lord, close to you I’ll stay

Be still my soul
Be still and know
Be Still my soul Let Go

Verse 2:
When anxiousness surrounds me and theres no words left to say
When weakness leaves me stranded down on my knees to pray
You draw near in the quiet in Your presence i find rest
Because you never slumber I’ll lay down my head

You are God when the ground gives way beneith me
You are God though my heart is clothed in fraility
You are God I know You will not forsake me
I will not fear I will not fear

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