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Interested in having one, or both of us partner with you?
With a combined background of pastoral ministry, psychology, and music, Jalene Elsa &  Adam Foster Buyer have a unique perspective to bring to your next event.

We have a passion to bring Biblical truths to life and to help reorient unsettled hearts. We long  to inspire others to lean in more deeply to who God is and to recognize who He has called each of us to be.

Some topics that we speak on include but are not limited to:DSC_4778

  • Journeying  through Wilderness Seasons
  • Authentic Faith when Life Hurts
  • Finding Rest in a Restless World
  • Learning to Trust the love of God
  • Engaging God through His Word
  • Workshops on Worship Leading / Songwriting

Our sessions are inviting, engaging, and honest, and can be tailored to your specific event, with the option of combining speaking with music.

DSC_4762 Examples of Past Events
Frontier Lodge Women’s Retreat – November
Camp Caroline Family Camp – July
Blue Christmas @ TCC – December
Overflow Worship Conference – November
Prairie College Chapel – February
Heartland Alliance Ladies Retreat – April
Melville Baptist Church – November 
Trochu Baptist Family Campout – September


Testimonials from a womens retreat on “Wilderness Seasons” 

“… Within 5 minutes of you speaking, you blew me away with your authenticity. I love how open you are. You are gifted with clear speaking and passion of scripture. ” — Connie

” This weekend, through your sessions, I have been reminded that there is a reason for my situation, even though I haven’t the slightest clue what it could be. I need to allow the Lord to guide me and be my strength.” — Stephanie

“The theme of wilderness this weekend was really impactful” — Jocelyn

“Your sessions have guided me how to fully trust God. Walking in the wilderness is truly a blessing.” — Sandra

“Thanks for sharing so honestly about wilderness seasons. I feel more oriented, hopeful, and purposeful.” — Hannah

We so look forward to partnering with you at your upcoming event!


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