Welcome here! Looking to breathe deep and find some encouragement today? Us too.
We are so glad you stopped by.

We are Jalene Elsa & Adam Foster Buyer, the husband-wife folk duo ‘Elsa & Foster’, speakers, and writers.

We write, play music, and speak messages of hope and reorientation to those who long to follow after Jesus and know the fullness of life that He offers us. Our lyrics and messages are refreshingly honest and raw, beckoning you to journey with us as as we seek to know God, ourselves, and one another in the midst of this journey we are on.

Often we find ourselves less on the mountain tops and more so walking in the midst of the ruggedness of the valley. And yet even in these places, we want to invite you to wonder at the beauty that can be found here. Right in the middle of uncertainty, pain, and the glorious mundane everyday.  It is in this holy wild that you will find the sufficiency of Grace, the strength of Joy, and the intimacy of God’s presence, along with the company of others along the journey. At least if you are willing to look for it.

Would you join us?

Jalene Elsa & Adam Foster

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