Hello & welcome here! We are so glad you stopped by.
We are Jalene Elsa and Adam Foster, a married duo based out of Three Hills Alberta.

We love writing music that touches the heart, speaking messages that inspire change, and crafting words that plant seeds of hope for those who need them.

As for music, we are an acoustic-folk duo that is inspired by the musical works of Emmy-Lou Harris, Norah Jones, Keith Green, and Ryan Adams. Our lyrics often reflect the very real stories of our wrestling with faith and life, the joys of love, struggle with hardship, and the always present hope that we have in Jesus.

As for speaking & writing, we have had the opportunity to speak in church settings, lead workshops, present devotional and training material in camp settings, and speak at retreats.

In all of these things, our passion is to be a ‘voice’ in our generation that invites others to come along with us ‘further up & further in’ in our knowledge of Christ. To quote the
well-known American folk song, we are simply ‘wayfaring strangers’ on this journey through the ups and downs in life. Our hope is that you, along with us, will come to know that He is there every step of the way, that a feast awaits us in every valley, and that He really is worth it all.