Only One Thing is Needed

I lay on my couch in exhaustion; throat burning and head throbbing. Lately it has seemed that every day off I have my body gives out and is in desperate need of recovery. Ever since I had a ‘hitting rock bottom’ experience two and half years ago, my tank has seemed more limited than itContinue reading “Only One Thing is Needed”

Always a Child

This past weekend I had the privilege of having extended family come visit and getting to  spend time with my grandma being taught the art of making her famous pierogis’, pie, and cinnamon buns. We laughed a lot, worked hard, and made memories that I will not forget. My immediate family was also able to come visitContinue reading “Always a Child”

A Problem with Perfection

I’ve never claimed to be perfect… such a claim would be prideful. Since pride is not a likeable quality, it would not fit into the personality of the ‘perfect’ person. Making such a claim of being perfect is then counter-productive at any attempt to be perfect. So I may not have ever claimed it, but maybe I’veContinue reading “A Problem with Perfection”

take Delight & be Deliberate

Almost six months ago I came away from a time of prayer and reflection regarding the (then) upcoming year, with two words. Delight & Deliberate. As I prayed about the word, ‘Delight,’ I immediately thought of a verse in Psalm 37. Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of yourContinue reading “take Delight & be Deliberate”

Elsa & Foster

Why Elsa & Foster? Not to make things too confusing, but we currently have our music under two other names. Our first album, ‘Only One Thing is Needed,” was recorded in 2013 and we self-titled this album with our first names, “Adam and Jalene.” This past year Jalene released a solo 3-track EP under herContinue reading “Elsa & Foster”

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